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guitar lessons with tim plaster


My name is Tim. I got married in 1999 and have four awesome boys. I love God. I also love teaching guitar. I have been playing since the late 1900s and enjoy the ability to just get out my guitar and music book and play whatever song I feel like playing. I’ve enjoyed many a family event where my cousin, my uncle and myself have been asked to bring our guitars and play a few sing a long songs with everyone.

Guitar lessons are given once a week, for half an hour. I teach guitar on Tuesdays and Thursdays from an office at my home, located in Nampa, about five minutes off the freeway at 7475 E. Nottingham Lane, 83687.

I also teach lessons on Wednesdays at a location in Eagle! Please email me at timplaster@mac.com for more information.

My curriculum has been written from the ground up, by me, myself and I, based on my experience with students and what motivates people to maintain the desire to play guitar.

$30 per 30 minute lesson

  • One on one instruction
  • Review of last week’s practice
  • Practice for the next week
  • Question and answer
  • Instruction on technique, styles and guitar basics
  • Chord and instrument explanation
  • Overcoming physical obstacles and bad habits
  • We use your favorite songs to learn guitar
  • Strum pattern instruction and learning rhythm
  • Learn to sing and play

Weekly schedule. Please email me at timplaster@mac.com if you have questions or would like to change your time slot for the week.


mondays in middleton

1070 W Main St. Suite C

Tuesdays in Nampa

 7475 E. Nottingham Lane, 83687

Wednesdays in eagle

39391 N Triple Ridge Pl.

Getting Started

Congratulations on your new (or maybe old) endeavor with the guitar! Thank you for the opportunity to share with you (or your child) what I have learned through my experience in playing guitar.

I love music, and guitar, and I hope to show you how to take your love for music and give you the ability to play it anytime you want, anywhere you want, with whoever you want, and however you want.

I do have a few requirements to make things easier and to help you keep track of what you know.

1. A three ring binder – how many times have you been sitting there with a guitar and people are waiting to hear something and your mind goes blank? Never… well it will. I have two binders, one for each type of music, Worship and other.  We will print out a bunch of songs that you can add to your notebooks all the time. Please bring one three ring binder.

2. A guitar- Maybe you want to wait to see how much you can learn and how much you enjoy it before investing $300 plus, on an instrument. Taylor and Martin guitars are some of the best out there, but they also cost an arm and a leg. Some of the best mid-range priced and great quality guitars I’ve seen can be found at lunaguitars.com

3. Payment schedule – I have a certain number of 30 minute slots available during the week, and each student “reserves” that time with me by paying for that slot. Therefore, I kindly ask that you pay for the entire month at the first lesson for the month. If you know that you will miss a lesson before paying for it, simply deduct that amount from the total and let me know that you aren’t going to make it and I will open the slot for someone else if necessary. Lessons are $30/half hour. We can also do one hour lessons to make up for a missed lesson or an anticipated missed lesson.

4. Progress – I will keep track of your progress throughout our time (months or years) together. I will give you a worksheet with what we go over each week so you can track your progress and remember what to practice.

5. Song list – It’s important to have a list of songs that you love, to learn while we’re learning chords. Songs that will help motivate you to practice the chords and strum patterns and styles that we’re learning. Please come to the first lesson with a list of at least five songs to start with. I will use those to get you going.

6. Practice – Please try to practice at least 10 minutes a day. Sometimes those 20 minutes can turn into an hour or two, depending on how much you get into it. I will give assignments for you to work on during the week. It helps to leave your guitar out on a stand or somewhere that you can just grab it and play. I will also tell you about a few websites that you can visit to get virtually any song you can think of, and I’ll teach you how to find it in the right chords and print it out for your notebook.

If you have any questions before your first lesson, my cell number is 208-813-5001 and you can call me (almost) anytime. I look forward to getting together and playing music with you!!!

Tim Plaster